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The Columbia Consultancy, founded by Ginny O’Brien in 1998, is an executive coaching and consulting company that specializes in the development of Integrated Leadership™. Over the last decade we have worked with over four dozen companies and hundreds of managers, directors, and executives assisting them in the development of their leadership.

We believe leadership develops internally beginning with a deep understanding of the self, and blossoms externally from learning how to empathize, engage and communicate with others. In our Integrated Leadership™ model, leaders acquire a balance of expertise in three major domains of leadership: self/authenticity, others/emotional intelligence, and business/strategic thinking. We also believe that an integrated leader has a balance of masculine and feminine strengths — the ability to be competitive and collaborative, rational and intuitive, directive and empathic, and concerned about hierarchy as well as equality.

Our goal is to help leaders enhance their overall performance and fulfill their professional goals by leading with authenticity, acting with emotional intelligence, communicating assertively with integrity, building the right relationships, and creating and implementing vision with sound strategic thinking that achieves results and sustains success.

We partner with both individuals and organizations, assisting them in building leadership capacity by offering the following services:



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"Prior to engaging with Ginny as my coach, I considered myself a proficient and effective Partner at my firm. I thought I had a few small skill gaps to close and didn't believe that the time I agreed to invest in coaching would pay such large benefits and returns. Ginny possesses incredible instincts and capabilities and from the very first session, can draw you out, size up who you are and lay out a tactical plan to put you on your way to a new level of success. No detail goes unnoticed or overlooked. There is no plowing over of the same ground either - her recall of everything you discuss and your individual uniqueness is always reflected in each client situation you strategize about which makes each session value packed and highly relevant. You leave each session energized, more confident and ready to advance and make special  things happen."

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